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BookChums interviews Ashok Kumar

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August 13, 2012, Pune, India: BookChums interviewed Ashok Kumar, author of Human in Khaki (co-authored with Lokesh Ohri). In this interview, he discussed his first book, future writings, and his commitment to society straight-from-the-heart.



Human in Khaki is a recollection of Ashok Kumar’s experiences in the Indian Police Service (IPS). Starting from his journey from childhood to IIT Delhi to the IPS, he discusses his drive to contribute to society at large. He penned his experiences of over 20 years to finally publish this book. He has illustrated the relevance of effective policing and providing judgment. With key anecdotes, his accounts range across his years of tenure in the U.P and Uttarakhand. He has highlighted the ever-widening gap between the haves and the have-nots, the resting of power in the hands of a few, the rising crime against women and much more.



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