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The Fiery Spirit of Anne Frank : BookChums Specials

Post by: Snehith Kumbla


Almost seven decades have passed since a young girl’s diary entries first illuminated the literary world. We are talking of the poignant, free-willed, capricious, moody and joyful shades of Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl. Frank was barely 15 when she died in a concentration camp, yet the diaries exude hope and make a blessing out of boredom.  All this, even as Nazis were either exterminating Jews or looking to smoke out those in hiding for a grim end at the concentration camps. Frank’s family was one of the many that went into hiding, ending up living in a single apartment for two years. Despite the looming shadow of death, we see Anne making the most of a shunted, limited childhood. Her childish tantrums, the first fragrance of love, her annoyed outburst at her father, and several other shades of life make their appearance here.


Anne Frank reported died in 1944. Otto Frank, Anne’s father and the family’s sole survivor, was given the retrieved writings by one Miep Gies, one of the Dutch who hid the Frank family. Ever since the first edition’s 1947 appearance in its original Dutch language, the book has been translated and published in more than 60 languages. On the eve of Anne Frank’s birth anniversary, June 12, we can only take inspiration from her zest for life, and remind ourselves that no country wins a war when human life is at stake. 

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