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Man Booker Specials: Swimming Home by Deborah Levy

Post by: Deepti Khanna


“Be sure to enjoy language, experiment with ways of talking, be exuberant when you don’t feel like it – language can make your world a better place to live.”
- Deborah Levy

Deborah Levy has experimented with fiction, plays and poetry. Her plays have been staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company, and her novels - Beautiful Mutants, Swallowing Geography and Billy and Girl and Swimming Home have received astounding response. She has also been long listed for the 2012 Booker Prize for Swimming Home.

As the story goes, Kitty Finch is an uninvited house guest, who makes an appearance in the opening pages of the novel. Kitty is this unbalanced, unpredictable catalyst for change at the vacation villa in France, where the novel unravels.
Sex and violence surface often in the novel. Levy is a keen, attentive writer with her prose being appreciated for a hallucinatory quality as things seem to float out of the characters’ minds and into the text.

Deborah Levy’s storytelling is allusive, elliptical and disturbing. Her touch is gentle and acute. Despite writing complex narratives, she does interweave a successful satire on contemporary society. Through the characters she also carefully layers psychological portraits.

Deborah Levy’s other books too offer depth and finesse.


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