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Inspiring Books for Teens - Must Read Books for Kids, Inspiring books for Children

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Writer, trekker, mountaineer, motivational speaker and philanthropist, Bear Grylls is an individual who dons several hats and he inspires today’s teenagers. Synonymous with the popular television series, Man Vs. Wild, he was the youngest Briton to climb the Everest and he has narrated his dare-devil climb and experiences in The Kid Who Climbed Everest . His believes, “The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is so often just simply that little word - extra. And for me, I had always grown up with the belief that if someone succeeds it is because they are brilliant or talented or just better than me… and the more of these words I heard the smaller I always felt! But the truth is often very different… and for me to learn that ordinary me can achieve something extra-ordinary by giving that little bit extra, when everyone else gives up, meant the world to me and I really clung to it…” His never-give-up attitude has manifested into a path-breaking television series that is indeed awe-inspiring.

Bear Grylls India
Vaclav Havel was yet another individual who played versatile roles. He was the president of former Yugoslavia and a brilliant statesman. He was also a humorist, playwright, poet, dissident,
Freedom from Fear
and human rights activist. His thoughts have been captured well in Freedom from Fear and several of other writings reflected on the cause of human rights for the world at large and he was loved and adored and rightly so. He lived by what he spoke; it was evident during his presidency that he had political prisoners (imprisoned during the Communist regime) released as a lot of them had never had a fair hearing or were falsely implicated earlier. He was a voice for the weak and the downtrodden. 
The Kid Who Climbed Everest When one reads the lives and works of individuals like Bear Grylls, Aung San Suu Kyi and Vaclav Havel, one realizes what it is to be driven by motivation and passion to change the world into a better place.

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