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BookChums Theme: A PG Wodehouse Trilogy

Post by: Snehith Kumbla


There are many mirth-inducing books that the British comic writer P.G.Wodehouse wrote, we shall talk here specifically of three: Meet Mr. Mulliner, Mr. Mulliner Speaking and Mulliner Nights. Each book contains a series of short stories narrated by the politely forceful and elderly Mr. Mulliner at Angler's Rest - one of Britain’s many chatter-friendly pubs. Any topic of conversation at the pub leads to Mr. Mulliner remembering a story of one of his distant or near relatives. These stories though believable, are never ordinary, and to quell any suspicion, Mr. Mulliner always insists that he has never told a lie in his life.


The stories are downright funny; Wodehouse displays his comic flair, his hold on language and illustrative vocabulary. A stammering solver of crosswords, maker of beauty products, photographer tired of beautiful faces, the effect of a tonic meant for elephants on humans, a beloved cat gone crooked – these are all vintage Wodehouse hooters, characters that are unreal, exaggerated and funny. If you want to catch up with all the Mulliner stories ever written there is The World of Mr. Mulliner omnibus edition that should satiate your funny bone.


(Humour is the theme this week at BookChums)

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