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Ask Kabita #27: Our Book Recommendation Expert

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Hello bookworms, thankfully the fierce Pune summer of last week has waned a bit and it is not unpleasant to step out in the evenings. It also implies that the weather during the day is most suitable for delving deep into books. Here is a pick of queries from the many we received over the week.


Looking for some poetry on women; can you recommend please?

Thank you for writing. You can refer to Maya Angelou's poetry; she has written on the emancipation of women.


Where do I start from as far as EM Forster's works are concerned? I need to write a paper on his works.

Start from A Passage to India; that should be the start from what you want to write about.


I want to read the works of an Indian feminist writer.

You can check out Ismat Chughtai, she was a famous Urdu writer and her translated work is available in English.


Thank you for writing, folks. Adios for now. Look forward to your email at

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