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Ruchika Speaks: Desis, Dilemmas and More!

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By Ruchika Mathur, Desis, Dilemmas and More!


When a young student first arrives in the United States of America, his excitement about new beginnings is usually accompanied by a looming sense of fear of the unforeseen. The same holds true for any first time visitor in a foreign country. This fear of the unknown is not unwarranted. It stems from the feeling of anxiety that we might have missed something, some detail in preparing for our visit.


The idea of ‘Desis, Dilemmas & more!’ germinated from my personal experiences during my first visit to the U.S. The challenges I faced during my trip changed my impression, that having relatives in the country you’re visiting ensures that you know everything you need to know. While friends and family are definitely a support in a foreign country, they cannot prepare you for every possible challenge you might face during your stay.


Once I had decided I wanted to write about the experiences of first time visitors in the U.S., I started my research. Discussions with students, professionals and tourists who had visited the U.S. in the past or live there presently, was the first step. This exercise opened my eyes to the number of situations that can arise due to ignorance of some basic details or rules. Immigration hassles, travel woes, insurance goof-ups and visa issues. The problems visitors faced were numerous!


When I had finalized the experiences I wanted to write about, the process of creating the book began. There was a lot of background research involved. I wanted to ensure that I covered as much information as possible on each subject I was dealing with.


To make the experiences an even more interesting read, I fictionalized them and built stories around them. I created unique characters, gave them distinct mannerisms and wove stories around these characters. I followed each story with a small note in order to make the story more complete. In the author’s note, I wrote about the take-home message of the story as well as supporting information on the subject. This is how ‘Desis, Dilemmas & More!’ came into being!

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The book is absolutley practical in nature,has lot of insights to aspiring goers to overseas especially when killings of indians are in the scene.rnrn K.Subramanyamrnvisiting Professor of Management studies
Fri,Feb 1st 2013 3:01 AM