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Rohini Kejriwal : Inevitable Changes - Guest Blog
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Rohini Kejriwal : Inevitable Changes - Guest Blog

Post by: Rohini Kejriwal

In today's world of an increasing obsession with technology, the literary world has not been spared. Be it Kindle or audiobooks or ebooks, the format of reading and writing has definitely undergone a change. Even for someone who enjoys writing, I consciously decided to stick to Blogger rather than writing down all my thoughts in a diary. Why, you ask? Permanence.


It's sad that there is a loss of wanting to feel what you read - the old book smell, the charming yellowing of the pages and the illustrated hard cover are slowly becoming things of the past. But then again, it's not fair to generalize because there are always going to be those oddballs out there who will firmly clutch onto their books.


On another note, all hope is not lost. In recent times, there are people like Shilo Shiv Suleman who are using technology to make book characters come to life. Shilo has made an interactive childrens book called Khoya (not written by her) where the fantasy tale comes to life in an IPad. Even as a young adult, I was thrilled to explore the book. In fact, I'm quite jealous that kids reading it will get to enjoy a book in a way that I could've never even fathomed while growing up. Besides, this is quite a sensible move because she's accepting the fact that the generations growing up now are probably not going to run to a bookstore when they get their pocket money. As three wise men once said: "If you can't beat them, join them."


And then there are those people out there who are not even remotely fascinated by words and the world of literature. The only thing I can feel for them is pity.


Rohini Kejriwal is an avid blogger and has contributed short stories to the Urban Shots Series

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Jayant Swamy
Indeed very true. As a fellow book lover I am trying to find my own equilibrium that encompasses both the printed world and the e-world as I am sure others are. I still cherish holding a bright hard cover book in hand, feel the smooth texture and inhale the fresh smell of paper. I also find myself enjoy the freedom of ordering e -books anytime and reading them on my Kindle. Just putting an AND instead of an EITHER/OR and straddling both worlds, the traditional and the modern, I have realized, increases my options, makes me adaptible to evolving changes and helps me keep my passion for the written word flamingly alive!
Tue,Jul 10th 2012 11:46 PM