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Guest Blog: New Beginnings by Madhavi Sood

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I was very pleasantly surprised and feel honoured to be invited by Kabita Sonowal to write a blog on the New Year for BookChums.


Yet even as I replied in affirmative to her; I could not help but feel that Christmas and New Year come so close together and are so ‘connected’ - both giving all a message of new cheer, renewed hope and of new beginnings, just as simply as the festive Christmas season brings in tidings of sharing, loving and giving and forgiving.


It’s that time of the year, I always go into a retrospective mood, reflecting on the past, dreaming of a better future whilst toiling in the present! And when I hear those strums of Christmas carols ‘Give me Joy in my heart....’  and candles and decked up Christmas trees and joyful excited kids wanting to know what Santa Claus has given them as a present; my heart and soul always gets brimmed with joy and soul gets filled with shimmering hope.


Personally, the leap year 2012 has brought so many tidings and even as it goes onto the next week, ushering in the New Year 2013, I feel nostalgic as I pen down my thoughts.As I look back, on a personal front, 2012 has left its impact on me by being able to get my first book ‘From the Silence Within’ published. It is my first step ventured out as a published author of a book and that too on poetry. A step I had taken with great thought and good intentions, even as I am frantically trying to finish my next fiction book manuscript. I was glad that I got good reviews and appreciation for my work.


I had the good fortune to be invited as one of the chief guests on 8th September, 2012 to read out my poems for the event of ‘100 thousand poets for Change in the World’. I had the opportunity to meet other like-minded poets and people and listen to their poems and realise the latent talent of so many who write and appreciate poetry. I also felt many ideas, intense poetry for change that were read and performed and I could feel the pulse of Change already happening.


This year has been very eventful for me personally too. I managed to ‘connect’ with all my friends and some of my teachers with whom I had somewhere lost touch with.


Breaking of a new dawn (one of my Poems from my book and apt for the New Year 2013)


I’m filled with hope for I wait.
For tomorrow I shall lift more loads.
My back may break; but my spirit is high.
For onto distant lands I have to reach; flying in the sky.


I don’t mind today’s jostling and pushing.
For time and money and everything else will stand still.
As I journey this life’s tempests.
I’m sure I’ll reach my destination.


These thunder squalls; and dark spells.
No longer frighten me.
For I have loads to lift, many more mileposts to cross.
Before I find the light.


With a smile, and a lighter heart.
I see the eastern crimson fresh sky.
The light has changed.
I awaken to the breaking of a new dawn…


On this hopeful note, I take it upon myself to wish All Readers, bloggers and all at BookChums and Everyone a Very Happy, Healthy, safe and Prosperous Rainbow New Year 2013. Let the Light shine upon all of us, Let all good things begin.......


(By Madhavi Sood aka Madhavi Mohandas - Author of ‘From the Silence Within’)

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