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Writing in the Park Workshop by Sudha Menon

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On January 5, 2013, author and journalist Sudha Menon will kick start the 'Writing in the Park' series at Empress Gardens, Pune. This series will comprise writing workshops for children and young adults in the midst of the city's parks and gardens.  The author of Leading Ladies says, “With Get Writing!! In The Park, I am hoping I can help these children in the process of learning, by helping them to develop the ability to express themselves and put down their thoughts in a clear and lucid manner.”


Parents and children who are interested in the workshop can contact the author at to register.


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Truly inspiring Sudha ..... I would need your help to start such a thing in delhi...can catch up to discuss the idea further...
Fri,Jan 16th 2015 2:04 AM
Great idea.Keep up the good work.
Thu,Jan 3rd 2013 4:21 AM