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BookChums @ Event: Get Writing Workshop by Sudha Menon

Post by: Snehith Kumbla

Sudha Menon


Sudha Menon’s Get Writing Workshop was held this Sunday, December 23, 2012 in the cosy environs of the Oak at Hyatt Regency, Pune. A score of people from different age groups and walks of life were present at the event. There were writing exercises, reading sessions, and discussions even as Menon doled out pointers and valuable tips to aid consistent, fruitful writing. Notebooks, pens, leaflets that had useful suggestions and a page documenting the best first lines of several books were part of the workshop kit. Exclusive BookChums stickers and bookmarks were part of the kit too.  

A relaxed, open atmosphere added to the spontaneity at the event, as the participants readily shared their opinions, read aloud what they had written and cleared their doubts. Menon elaborated and spoke with ease and comfort, and went on to elaborate that each person has a unique voice and it can be brought out with consistent writing.


One interesting exercise involved men writing from the point of view of a woman giving birth to a child, while women were to write on the man whose wife was to give birth. The response of the participants brought to light the varied viewpoints and approaches of these promising writers.


Sudha Menon

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Had a lot of fun. Enjoyed my day. looking forward for next workshop.
Fri,Dec 28th 2012 6:20 AM