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The Mine Book Launch -

Post by: Deepti Khanna

Arnab Ray aka Greatbong, was in town to launch his new release The Mine at Crossword, SB Road. This book is a deviation from his previous collection of essays on Bollywood and politics May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss. The Mine is a horror-ridden, psychological thriller which was a reaction to the fact that Indians are not interested in good and genuine horror.

Ray made it clear that horror here did not mean the horror pertaining to vampires, haunted homes and ghosts. Ray claims that the 282-page book is gripping from start to finish. He stated that the language of the book is effortless and the diabolically smart ends up taking your breath away.

Speaking on the launch Arnab Ray said, “The book offers a journey to its readers that they cannot easily forget. The Mine tells a gory tale of terrifying walking nightmares and strange occurrences in an underground mining facility in the deserts of Rajasthan.” The book begins with a  father’s search for his daughter and he happens to reach at this underground mining facility.

Ray maintains that the dark shades and thrill in the book are something new to the Indian reader. “This isn't like the usual kinds of books published in India as it does not have that happy upbeat sort of ending. The story is rather horrifying and depressing and in India there is really no such horror genre,” concludes Ray.

Watch this space for a detailed interview to know about the reviews on his
blog and how he toyed with the idea of the book since 2004.

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