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There's No love on Wall Street by Ira Trivedi - Book Launch
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» » There's No love on Wall Street by Ira Trivedi - Book Launch

There's No love on Wall Street by Ira Trivedi - Book Launch

Post by: Deepti Khanna

Former Miss India turned author Ira Trivedi was in the city to launch her latest novel There’s No Love on Wall Street at Crossword Store, ICC Towers. The novel is about a pre-med student Riya Jain who decides to shun the unglamorous ‘spirit and the dissections’ to become a ‘banking babe’.

Ira Trivedi, the author of this bestseller, shares, "I have worked on Wall Street myself and have seen the world of investment banking closely. The novel is drawn from my experience or of those around me. Although, the work is a complete work of fiction." This book is a satire and aims to shatter all the illusions associated with the glamourous world of investment banking. Riya feels that the ‘sexy business suit, shiny pearls, designer shoes, cocktail receptions, fancy dinners and other such sophisticated events’ are a sure shot way to a better and happier life. But once she shifts gears and realises her banking dream, she gets to know that there is more to investment banking than what meets the eye.

launch her latest novel There’s No Love on Wall Street at Crossword Store, ICC Towers


Dressed in a smart navy blue blazer and white mini skirt which was accessorized with a delicate pearl string, Ira commented that in her interactions with college students she has come across many students who opt for courses about which they have no idea at all. "I have met many students at reputed colleges who don’t know what they are getting into. They just like Riya hear or meet someone and aspire to be something about which they know nothing about," states Ira.

Sonja Chandrachud, a mystery and fantasy novelist, who writes for young adults, was also present at the book launch. Sonja who had begun reading the book was all praises for this young model-turned-author. "The story grips you from the start. I am half way through the book and I found  Ira to be a sharp writer. This book has entertained me thoroughly. This story catches your interest from the very first page."

Sonja and Ira then got into a slight literary banter and Sonja asked Ira how she had disciplined herself to be able to be at it and regularly churn out these lovely stories. "Honestly, I am not a very disciplined writer. I have my own schedule but I have to write 500 words everyday. There are good days and bad days, days when I write quite a bit and a few days when I am unable to write much," says Ira. She then stated how she completed her first novel in 20 days flat and wrote about 10 pages everyday. But with her next two novels she invested a lot more time and got into the rigourous process of editing the manuscript.

Ira then went on to announce her next. She shared that the next would be a work of non-fiction and is about how urban Indians can lead a yogic life when you are not a yogi. "I am a yoga teacher and teach at Sivananda yoga centers across the country. I  believe in the Sivananda motto of transforming lives by serving others," explains Ira, whose face had an unexplained calm which we now know can be attributed to her yoga practice.

Towards the end of the launch she urged all the youngsters to think their own thought and stop blindly aping others.

Want to know about Ira’s favourite authors and her fascination with the name Riya? Click here to read up a detailed interview with author Ira Trivedi

(Picture by Deepti Khanna)

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