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How to Unblock Everything on the Internet by Ankit Fadia - Book Launch

Post by: Deepti Khanna

Now we all want to access Facebook, Twitter and our personal email accounts from office. But in most organizations our kind bosses and even kinder management, put these websites in shackles. But Ankit Fadia’s new book, How to Unblock Everything on the Internet, which was recently launched in Crossword store, SB Road, explains how one could break open these virtual chains and access all the information you want.


Ankit Fadia, is a cyber security expert and an ethical hacker, who has come out with this 15th book in 12 years. Before this book, he has released titles like The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking, Hacking Mobile Phones and Network Intrusion Alert: An Ethical Hacking Guide to Intrusion Detection.

Feeling strongly about the subject, Ankit Fadia has dealt with in the book, he said, “Banning or blocking websites on the Internet completely is not the answer and is a step away from democracy and could silence free speech all together. We need to find a middle ground which allows a more efficient mechanism to remove offensive content from the Internet without blocking access to websites completely. China currently employs 40,000+ people to block content on the Internet. Hope India is not going to go the China way.”

At the book launch, a youngster asked Fadia the most obvious question: what if the information in the book is misused. Here Fadia explained, “People who want to hack sites and access content that is blocked on the internet will not wait for a book to come out on the subject. In today’s day and age every bit of information is easily accessible on google. So those willing to misuse the information will always find a way to do it.”

The book was launched by PP Chhabria, Chairman, Finolex Cables Pvt. Ltd and Ganesh Natarajan, Global CEO of Zenzar Technologies and Ravi Pandit, Chairman KPIT Cummins, who were the Guests of Honour for the evening.

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