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Broken Hearts by Shrenik Mutha - Book release

Post by: Deepti Khanna
Like most first-time-writers Shrenik Mutha’s novel Broken Hearts has a strong autobiographical influence. The novel talks about love, separation, loss, happiness and romance. Dressed in a white blazer and white trousers, this suave, attractive looking guy, spills the beans as he says, “This love story has originated from my own life,” and blushes just as he was seated between his friends and was being teased about his lady love.
Shrenik MuthaWe seldom meet authors who are so confident yet so humble, at their first book release, even when their book is being released by Randhir Khare, a well-known author, poet, artist, professor and executive editor of Heritage India Magazine. Khare unvieled Mutha’s work amid a thundering round of applause amongst a crowd comprising mostly of collegians. The launch that took place on Thursday evening at Landmark Store, SGS Mall, Camp was quite a hit.

Shrenik was humble enough to name his inspiration and idol. He also read a poem from Ravinder Singh' book and mentioned that he exactly felt what Singh wrote about and that prompted him to put pen to paper. “I loved Ravinder Singh’s I Too Had A Love Story. He is my idol and it is my dream to meet him someday. In fact, only after reading him did I think of getting my work published.”

Remembering the time when Khare, penned his first work, he states, “When I started off getting an audience was so difficult. No first time writer received this kind of a response back then. So we should value the platform authors get today.” Khare then stated that it is a reader that makes a writer because unless there are readers a book has no value.

Broken HeartsIn Khare’s opinion the qualities a writer should have, have changed with time, “You have to be open to people if you want to be a  good sensitive writer along with being hopeful, optimistic, open and a full of life person. To be truthful, when I read Broken Hearts I was impressed with this petite, emotive, observant account of the protagonist’s life,” shares Khare.    
At the book release Khare also mentioned that today what decides whether the book is good or a flop is not by the frills attached or by how lengthy the book is but by how real it is.
Khare went to the extent of thanking Shrenik for his good writing.

Humbled by Randhir Khare’s kind words, Shrenik announced that he would want to do a sequel to Broken Hearts and then would want to write a biography of a prostitute.

We too wish that we get to read more from Shrenik very soon.

Watch this space to check out an interview with this upcoming author.
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