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BookChums @ Book Launch: Love Stories # 1 to 14 by Annie Zaidi

Post by: Snehith Kumbla


Another  venue. Another book launch. Team BookChums was as usual, ubiquitous in the front row at Landmark, SGS Mall, Pune as writer Annie Zaidi’s new collection of short stories - Love Stories # 1 to 14 was unwrapped from its pink gift wrapped cover by poet, writer and translator Priya Sarukkai Chabria. Zaidi and Chabria shared the stage, as the former extolled the book for its, “Sheer range of stories, characters that are explored.” Zaidi then read excerpts from three stories in the book.


The session also revealed the following: None of the characters in the stories have any name, the stories are titled as numbers, although they do have a subtitle. Chabria mentioned The one that climbed out of a bucket  as remarkable - the story revolves around a gecko. Another story tells of a woman who falls in love with the voice of a railway station announcer.


On not naming her characters in the collection, Zaidi said, “I wasn’t envisioning this as a collection to start with. I wanted to write this one story  - which is Love Story # 1. When I was writing # 2, then I thought, why not do the same thing  - don’t give any names.”


Post the Zaidi-Chabria discussion, the session was thrown open for audience interaction. In answer to a query on how to get started on writing, Zaidi said, “The first thing about writing is to write. You will find that if you do it (write) often enough …” Zaidi also answered a question on editing, and elaborated how much rewriting and editing are prerequisites to a good story.


The event concluded with a book signing session.       

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