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BookChums @ Book Launch: Incognito by Lata Gwalani

Post by: Snehith Kumbla

(L to R) Joseph Pinto, Vijay Lele, Lata Gwalani and Harry Anand


What makes the Pune event very special for me are the people out here.

- Lata Gwalani


The book launch function of Lata Gwalani’s debut novel Incognito was a cheerful, friendly session held at Crossword, S.B.Road on 14th July, 2012. The bonhomie at the event was very evident with friends from Gwalani’s Pune college days making an appearance. Gwalani was flanked by Harry David, Principal Correspondent, The Times of India and Joseph Pinto, Former Editor, Maharashtra Herald, Pune and a visiting faculty at several journalism institutes. Vijay Lele, Director, MIT International School of Broadcasting & Journalism was also present. Friends, well-wishers and a book-reading public were part of the audience as the book was formally released and portions of it read.


After the mandatory book launch, David, Pinto and Lele read portions from the book. In the midst of jokes and repartee, David mentioned how it was a pleasant surprise to hear from Pinto about ‘our colleague’ Lata having written a book. Pinto talked about his students being part of the session, “Including Lata here on this side.” He then went on to read a book excerpt that described Pondicherry - where the French side spoke Tamil, and the Tamil side spoke French. David read a passage describing the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.


Gwalani said that she wrote the book in desperation, that she had always wanted to write one. In 2011, she finally found time to writeIncognito, it took eight months for her to complete it. As part of her job, Gwalani had met several emotionally damaged women, “Survivors, we should call them survivors, women who go through difficulties, in terms of identifying with their true selves, that most of us live with a huge gap, between our current self and our ideal self.” Gwalani was also delighted that columnist Satya Saran, herself volunteered to write the foreword for the book.


The event concluded with a lively question and answer session. 


Lata Gwalani Book Launch

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