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Book launch - Tea For Two and A Piece of Cake

Post by: Deepti Khanna

From discussion on varied writing styles, hike in divorce rates and writing about sex, the Pune book launch of Preeti Shenoy’s third book Tea For Two and A Piece of Cake had it all. The blogger and writer, a Bangalore-based writer was in town to promote her third release, Tea For Two and A Piece of Cake. Preeti Shenoy was in conversation with Sonja Chandrachud.

The event began with Chandrachud complimenting Shenoy on her writing style. Chandrachud commented that the prologue was very strong and it prodded the reader to finish the book at one sitting. “The narrative is crisp, thrilling, fast very much like contemporary writers today,” states Chandrachud while speaking very highly of Shenoy’s writing style.

“Along with the rather unusual love story, the tale is about friendship, neighbours, challenges, adversity much like my second Life Is What You Make It,” says Shenoy. This is the story of Nisha whose husband after eight years of marriage and two kids dumps her for a younger woman. This story is an emotional read with Nisha picking up the pieces of her life.

Another observation that was discussed at the launch was that the headings of all the chapters were songs. “I realized that songs set the mood of the story right. Writing is a lonely profession and while writing I played music to keep me company. Somehow the songs found their way into the book,” explains Shenoy.

The discussion then digressed to the inclusion of the sex scene in the book. Chandrachud here spoke of how Shenoy had done a good job of it. “The scene was very important as the story moves ahead with it. I was very conscious and was constantly hoping that the scene doesn’t read like cheap porn,” chuckles Shenoy.

Shenoy made it clear at the event that she was most probably not planning a sequel to the book. “I have lived with the characters too long and would not like to develop them more unless of course they begin to haunt me and command a new life.”   

This author of two national bestsellers 34 Bubblegums And Candies and Life Is What You Make It advices writers to read voraciously. “Aspiring writers should expose themselves to a variety of styles. Also, you have to read and write every day to write well. Plus, you need to have a very thick skin to go public with your writing,” signs off Shenoy.

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