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Another Chance by Ahmed Faiyazs - Book Launch

Post by: Sonia Safri

Book launch of Another Chance at Crossword, Mumbai.

A starry evening at Crossword (Juhu) saw Bruna Abdalah, Nauheed Cyrusi, Anupama Varma, Ash Chandler, Maria Goretti, Director Punit Malhotra and Tullika Wangdi, grace the book launch event of author Ahmed Faiyaz’s second novel – Another Chance.

Everyone unanimously voted the novel to be “An engaging read- highly interesting and relatable with a deep emotional connect.”

Bruna AbdalahBruna Abdalah, who features on the cover of the book as “Ruheen” (the main protagonist), looked gorgeous as ever. “It’s me on the cover, and after reading it I feel that it (the picture) also personifies Ruheen. I really connected with the character and her roller-coaster life & relationships" said the beautiful lady in black during the launch.

We were surprised and definitely glad to see model Anupama Varma show keen interest in the book. Smiling beautifully as ever, she said "I read this in a single sitting. It is such a beautiful, vividly written journey of a beautiful woman. It kept me hooked to the end." And yes, we agree – the story is very captivating.


Ever chirpy, Nauheed Cyrusi said "Ahmed's writing is so relatable and engaging. I completely connect with the characters and their lives. It was unputdownable."

Multi-talented Ash Chandler commented, "This book makes one feel and introspect about their life and relationships. It has emotional depth despite being an easy read." This coming from a super versatile actor/theatre personality/singer/songwriter/stand-up comedian/ impressionist/ sports enthusiast…wow!

We spotted Maria Goretti, after a long time, sizzling in a pretty red dress. And her thoughts about the book were no different. "The book is so relatable and one can see a lot of the characters depicted in the book in real life."

Director Punit Malhotra said "I love the cover… it is powerful and evokes your interest. (We sure hope he reads the entire book – cover to cover!)

Maria Goretti, Ahmed Faiyaz, Ash Chandler and Nauheed Cyrusi

A dear friend of Ahmed, Tullika Wangdi, quipped "I loved the inter play of emotions and the changing equations across time wraps. I think the current generation will really connect with this wonderful book."
Last but not the least, the author (Ahmed Faiyaz) himself confessed, "Another Chance is a 'morning after book'. It's a beautiful woman's journey through her growing up years and the life choices she makes. This is an attempt to entertain and inspire people of our generation. While this is about selfless love, Love, life & all that jazz... was about finding your own path and following your dreams. While 'Love, life...' was a more light-hearted read, this one has more emotional depth..."

We sure hope all you people out there grab a copy and read it for yourself to find out more about love, life and relationships as they exist today.
Ahmed’s simple yet highly effective style of writing has created waves in the past (his first novel – Love, Life and All That Jazz and his short stories featuring in Urban Shots were absolutely refreshing) and this one sure will exceed them all!

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