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Why Love is pure if it remains Undefined

Post by: Sudipto Ghosh

The book is an orgasm for the ‘Trekker’ spots in your mind. A perfect way to unravel the places that you long wanted to visit and make a memory out of them. Touring and love go hand in hand, but only when you are either romantically inclined to or married. I Loved a Street Woman moves beyond the usual storyline with a touch of innocent nostalgia and the matured will to pursue things in life that leave a trail behind and then suddenly vanish.


You really don’t have matches made in heaven anymore. It is all about getting the right thing at the right time. When it comes to finding love, things can be a little awry. Strange experiences coupled with fate makes romance a hard thing to enjoy. You don’t always get to read a book that has a defense personnel venturing into the city premise to search for love. Captain Aviral is a rare breed who has moved ahead of his multiple experiments with love and romance. He is now willing to sail into the dark alleys of the city to seek his true companion. Sacrifice in Love is a common catch in most romantic books. Fiction makes them stand apart.I Loved a Street Woman is a fabulously crafted novel that takes readers beyond the usual plot of fate, miracles, treachery, cheating and union at the end.

Bruised souls have a harder life than those who have earned their injuries on the battlefield. Captain Aviral is a mix of both. For him, true love is just once. He loses his childhood sweetheart and begins to fade out in career and life. As he pursues his love for travel, his business too takes him to make an investment in his Travel firm. That is when he meets a rather mystifying girl, known as Umrao. The story begins to unfold with each line in the chapter.


What begins as a friendly banter, turns into a serious conversation covering the forgotten cities and haunted mansions in the most rustic places in India. Exploring the rural places suddenly begins to revitalize Aviral’s quest for perfection in Life. Fate takes an ugly turn when Umrao disappears all of a sudden, leaving no clue whatsoever. Love, discovered on a journey sounds so much more exciting than a regular love story.


Readers would have to wait for the answer till the end and even beyond when imposed with a question, “Who Umrao is?”

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