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It’s all about Numbers
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It’s all about Numbers

Post by: Tathagata Behera


With the onset of the examination season, everyone seems to be in a tense and worried mood. Wonder why? Here’s a hint! Maths! Everyone seems to be scared of it, well, I was at least. But with the new book by M.Tyra, there is no need to fear for anyone. ‘Magical Book On Quicker Maths’ is a god-send for students who are not good at maths or who would like to get better fast.
There are many books which help you to understand Maths and help in solving problems which might seem difficult to understand but none better than M.Tyra’s book ‘Magical Book on Quicker Maths’. It helps the reader to understand and solve the mathematical problems in an easier and faster way so as to prepare them for the competitive examinations. In these exams, there is a very less period of time that is allocated for solving each question. As a result, a candidate cannot afford to spend more time on a single question. Recognizing this problem, Tyra brings out many easy to remember rules and algorithms which make the job easier.
By writing this book, M. Tyra attempts to solve the need for a book that would help students to solve maths faster. The book begins with an introduction for the same on how to prepare for maths papers that are followed by chapters on various concepts followed in maths. In addition to this, there are many illustrations that make the entire learning process easier to remember.
Check the book here.


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