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Funny Math proof and math jokes
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Funny Math proof and math jokes

Post by: Tathagata Behera

A mathematical joke is a joke which relies on aspects of mathematics and/or a stereotype of mathematicians to make it funny. Generally, the humor comes from a double meaning or a pun of a mathematical term while there are some jokes which also use a person’s misunderstanding of a mathematical term to derive humor. People who have no or less training in mathematics might not be able to get the joke.

One of the greatest mathematicians and author John Allen Paulos often said that mathematics is a dry and formal activity which is considered to be boring. But when it overlaps with dry and irreverent play, it becomes funny and both in themselves are intellectual forms of play. While both have logic, pattern, roles and structure, they can also be economical and explicit.

“Funny Math proof & math jokes” is one of the best books that explore jokes in the context of mathematics. While people might be bored with the concept of reading and understanding mathematics, connecting it with humor increases the possibility of it being interesting to many more people. There is clever use of mathematical puns and double meanings of terms generally used in mathematics and students of mathematics would be pleasantly surprised to know that mathematics can be more than interesting.



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