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Interview with Shrenik Mutha

Post by: Deepti Khanna

We have all fallen in love when we were 17. We have all experienced the happiness, positivity that first love brings in our lives. But when the same love fades away, we have all cried, felt extreme sorrow and vacuum. But when Pune-based teenager Shrenik Mutha, fell in love with ‘his angel’ and things did not work out for them, he choose to write a novel Broken Hearts based on his diary. The book was released a couple of months ago and has been praised liberally by eminent writer, artist and theatre personality Randhir Khare for being real, devoid of any frills and full of emotions.

Shrenik Mutha gets talking to BookChums about his book, career aspirations, favourite authors and the moment he first held a published copy of Broken Hearts! 

To begin with tell us a little about the story Broken Hearts, and a bit about you, your education and aspirations.

Well to start with, Broken Hearts is a story of ‘What love is’ from a teenager’s perspective. It tells you that sometimes, you have to choose between your desires and your responsibilities. Sometimes, all what you want is not what you will get and you have to let go. Broken Hearts is my own story, something that I experienced. It is my first step in the literary world. It speaks of the dilemmas what a teenager faces when he has to choose and these were the dilemmas I experienced. It is a very simple read with very lucid language.

To talk about myself, I am just a human being with a heart in me, a heart which is full of love for my angel. I am a very philosophical kind of person, the kind which bugs people a lot (smiles). I believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason. About my education, I am in a real fix because I like physics as well as literature. I want to pursue both these subjects. I still don’t know as to how it is going to work out. About my aspirations, I want to be an author and inspire people. I want to throw light on social issues in India.

Eminent writer and theatre personality Randhir Khare praised the book for being real, devoid of any frills and full of emotions. Was it difficult to write a book that was full of emotions without the frills?

Randhir Sir has really appreciated the book. I am truly blessed. About the answer to your question, Broken Hearts is real because it is from my heart. I have not made any modifications with what happened in my life.

You were in class 12 when this book came out. How did you divide your time writing and studying, given the fact that it is a crucial year for you?

I had the help of my family and teachers who supported me for my endeavour. Even the publishers were very understanding and they were quite flexible. I had the schedule of the publishing process given to me and, I made a point that it didn’t let it interfere with my examinations.

What made you fictionalize your diary and convert it into a book?

I just thought of getting it published and worked towards it. Though there are a few more personal reasons to it.

You said your parents did not know that you have written a book till it went to print. What was their reaction when you broke the news? Was finding a publisher difficult? What role did your friends play in helping you write, edit or find publishers?

My parents did not know about the book as I wanted to surprise them. But, that didn’t work out and I had to tell them. When they came to know about it, I could see the pride in their eyes. That was one of the happiest moments of my life. Being a very different subject, I didn’t expect their support but, they did support me whole heartedly. Had my dad not supported me, this book would have never come out.

Finding a publisher was a bit difficult because of my age. But, Leadstart Publishing believed in my work and I thank them for this.

How did you feel when you first got to see a copy of the book?

I remember this moment very well. The books were sent by courier to me and when I got hold of it, I tore the box in excitement. And inside were ten copies of Broken Hearts. The feeling what I got then was of satisfaction.

Your favourite book/author. Why?

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma and I Too Had A Love Story by Ravinder Singh are two of my favourite books. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari helped me see a lot of things with a fresh perspective.

I Too Had A Love Story
, has been my favourite novel since the time I read it. The way Ravinder has portrayed his emotions is simply astonishing. I want to meet him once and have a long conversation with him.

Stephen Hawking and Feynman are two of my favourite authors who write about physics.

A book you can keep reading and rereading.

It is going to be Twilight. Stephenie Meyer writes with certain finesse that keeps the reader wanting to read and re-read. I Too Had A Love Story is also an all time favourite.

What do you want to grow up to be?

An author. My angel always used to tell me, “With pen and paper, comes a right, a right to influence and help people with your writing. And with right comes responsibility.’ Today I understand what she meant when she said this. With an author, I also want to be a physicist. But, I don’t know how both of them are going to work out.

How do you plan to spend your vacations?

I am currently working on two more projects. Also, I have a couple of concepts in my mind. Readers may expect the next book in a year or so.


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