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Interview with Saptarshi Basu

Post by: Deepti Khanna


Not many authors choose to write for a cause. While most fiction writers are happy talking about relationships and other humdrum stuff, Saptarshi Basu, is a new author who is writing to make a difference.

Through his writings Basu is determined to make things better for people around. His latest book titled Autumn In My Heart, touches upon the sensitive issue of student suicide.



Bookchums chats up with the author of Love, Logic And The God's Algorithm to find out why he calls writing his first love and how he thinks writing can make a difference to people’s lives. 





You hold a gold medal in Mechanical Engineering and have worked with premier IT companies for the last seven years. So what prompted you to write?
I grew up in a Bengali family listening to Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s songs and reading his books. So, the seed of loving literature was sown when I was a child.
During my school days, I started contributing poems and short stories to my school magazines. It provided me with a medium to express my feelings and communicate with the world.



Both your novels have very strong messages; the first (Love, Logic and the God’s Algorithm) talks about breaking the routine and following your dreams and the second (Autumn In My Heart) talks about students committing suicide. Do you think social messages in novels have an impact on young minds? Doesn’t the entertainment quotient of the book drop drastically by incorporating social messages?
The sole reason for me to take up writing has been passing some strong social messages in a way that a reader would love to read. I strongly feel that every writer should have a very solid reason for writing rather than just following what authors like Chetan Bhagat do.
I do really feel that even if one person changes the way he or she thinks and begins leading a better life, I will be happy about putting pen to paper.


How has your writing style changed or matured in your second?
It’s truly a learning process and you cultivate and enrich yourself through the feedback you get. Also, in my second novel I have incorporated a different writing style (similar to our day-to-day interactions) so that my readers can identify with the experiences of the protagonist.


Your second novel also addresses the issue of gay love. Why did you think of incorporating this rather controversial issue in your novel?
I have tried to show different types of love in my book. It is interesting to follow how the character gets involved in this relationship. And the topic is an integral part of the main story and the climax.


How has blogging helped you with writing and marketing your novels?
Blogging has helped me in sharing my views with people across the globe. I am really thankful to my readers for appreciating my writing. It’s due to their strong support, that I have improved my writing skills drastically.
More than marketing, I look forward to the reviews from my readers which will help me hone my skills further.


Why did you feel the need to start this online community on your blog for budding authors?
During the course of time, I met many promising writers who were trying hard to get their works published. So, I felt that I can share my experiences with them and help them out.


A book you would love to re-read.
The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh.


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