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Interview with Nishant Kaushik

Post by: Sonia Safri

An MBA by profession, Nishant Kaushik, an author with three books to his fame certainly has come a long way. BookChums managed to rope in this entertaining author for a few questions.


How and when did you begin blogging/writing?
I began writing well before blogging existed as a concept – only that my writing was awry and all over the place. I wrote mostly on a notepad during a boring lecture, and those ‘blogs’ often did the rounds in my classroom and college. Encouraged by the response, I began writing my first book circa 2001, during my graduation. I couldn’t pursue it then, though, and shelved it – only to resume writing the same book in ’06.









What inspired you to write- Watch Out We Are MBA?

I began writing ‘Watch Out…’ in 2001, and it was initially supposed to be a comedy about a teenager inclined towards art, who was forced into engineering. This was partly inspired by my own fear of engineering I had to deal with. Of course, by the time I really got down to writing the book, I was towards the end of my MBA course, and the storyline took a slightly different route.



Share a memorable experience whilst you were doing your MBA.
It has to be the day we got the results of our first trimester. I was ecstatic because I had passed, but I felt miserable when I learnt I was the lowest scorer in the batch. I laugh when I look back at the episode now, but sensing the transition from a once-upon-a-time-topper in school to one setting the baseline for the rest of the batch was not funny then.



What topics/subjects catch your fancy?
No particular topics as such, but I am usually happy writing comedy. It’s a pleasure hearing from people that you made them laugh. That might change soon, though, as I’ve been itching to write a thriller for some time now.



Your take on Campus Fiction.

I think it is a very hackneyed subject. Too many books have been written around it, and we need to digress, much as we all consider this theme close to our hearts.





Your second book- A Romance With Chaos is about Nakul Kapoor, an IT professional stuck in a job with a materialistic bimbo lapping up gifts. Would you like to share the ideation of that book?

It was very easy. A Romance With Chaos was nothing but a recollection of real instances either I have witnessed in my corporate experience or seen my colleagues go through. It was but a question of stitching the instances together and adding salt to taste.









Writing from personal experience comes easy. Your third book: Conditions Apply has a different flavor, compared to the earlier two. How did you stumble up on the idea for this one? And how was the process and experience finishing this book?

Like you said, the first two books were easy because they were derived from near-personal, or at least, witnessed episodes. Conditions Apply was different, because it is entirely fictional. It took longer to create the structure for this story, to create its characters and to justify why they are the way they are. Also, I intended for the story to remain funny in tone throughout, while ensuring the right balance between being flippant and excessively profound. At the end, if readers tell me they had a good laugh while reading the book, I’d say writing it was a good experience!



Any aversions from critics that you faced, for any of your books?
I have stumbled upon a couple of unfavourable responses or reviews on my earlier two books. But I am content with the larger proportion of appreciation I have earned through them. Also, it is only fair that I accept the criticism as gratefully as I lap up the compliments. It is the only way I will ever figure out what the reader wants to read.



Of the three books, which one was the easiest (in terms of writing, developing, publishing)?
And which one was a bit difficult?

A Romance With Chaos was probably the easiest because by then I was already familiar with the publishing mumbo-jumbo, and also because I got to write it at nearly a stretch, with little interruption. Conditions Apply was relatively a longer haul because of the complexity of the plot and the larger number of characters, their motives and inter-relationships.



What do you do if you face a writer’s block?
There is not much I can do in such a case. So I simply get up and take a break – go out for a drive, watch a film, eat some good food. I don’t see much point forcing myself with the words. Sooner or later, the inspiration comes back to me anyway.



An author who has inspired your writing.
None –
a) I’m not an avid reader really, and
b) I think an author must write to inspire rather than get inspired to write.


A book that remains closest to you till date.
A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseini


A cardinal sin you can’t keep away from.
Junk food


One word to describe you.


What’s your take on social media platforms available nowadays and their advantages for budding writers?

Excellent means to make your work known and publicized among the masses. I only wish I knew sufficiently well how to leverage them myself.



What’s your favorite genre:
To read?

None really, I’m not much of a reader. I can read anything if I have the time.

To write?
So far it has been humour. But I might digress soon.


What can we catch Nishant indulging in when not writing or working?
It totally has to be films!

An alternate career choice?
I’d love to be a playback singer if I can make some inroad there.

What next from Nishant can we expect to read?
It should be another comedy.


 All his books have exude a distinct flavor, making them quite an entertaining read. Check out the reviews on BookChums and get your copies soon!

If you too wish to ask the author a question, post it as a comment below.

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