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Interview with Arnab Ray

Post by: Deepti Khanna

Two years ago, Arnab Ray decided to play it safe. After tasting immense success and a steady fan following on his blog: he compiled his first book, May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss with detailed essays on two of his favourite topics – Bollywood and politics.  He says, “In my first release I experimented with styles of comedy but not with the subject. My latest The Mine is experimental with respect to writing style and subject matter.”

In his second release, Arnab Ray examines genuine horror. He looks at why Indians are not interested in horror movies. “If we look at the horror movies these days they are more funny than scary. I wanted to write something that was genuine horror. And this book is a horror book, which is a dark, psychological thriller with sometimes very explicit descriptions of barbarity. Here I have made use of the noir style of writing,” reveals Ray who is more popular as greatbong.

However, he is quick to clear that horror here does not mean ghosts and vampires or supernatural beings. “The Mine explores the horror inside human mind. If you pay attention newspapers have so much horror and thrill. This is the kind of horror that interests me,” reflects Ray. He also mentions that along with horror there is a strong subtext of philosophy in the book where the book examines what makes the evil. The book begins with a father’s search for daughter and the search operation lands him up in an underground mining facility that is linked to his past.

Ray believes that an author should not get caught with the genre game. “I don’t want to classify my works in different genres. As an author I don’t like to be limit myself. Humour and horror are vehicles to tell stories and in the end it is the story that matters,” retorts Ray.

During the interview, Ray spoke at length about the benefits of blogging. “Blogging is beneficial for writers as publishers can check that you have been delivering consistent quality of writing for the last 3-4 years. The publisher knows that you have something nice to say and you know how to say. Plus as a writer you get a platform to talk to an audience and you can monitor the traffic.”

His blog has many reviews. Ray comments that reviewers these days get too stuck with the technicalities and forget to check if the movie is entertaining or not. “The reviews discuss too much of this and that and many times review it in terms of Hollywood ethic. But no one stops to think whether the movie was fun or not,” concludes this master blogger.


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