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Award Thursday: Ahmed Sadaawi

Post by: Kabita


Ahmed Saadawi was recently named the winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction for his book titled, Frankenstein in Baghdad. It was announced on the eve of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. Ahmed Saadawi is an Iraqi writer, screenwriter and poet. He has also authored The Beautiful Country and Indeed He Dreams  or Plays or Dies. 

Ahmed Saadawi was born in 1973 in Baghdad. His book, Frankenstein in Baghdad tells the story of Hadi al-Attag who lives in Baghdad. He collects the body parts of corpses from explosions and sews them together to create a new body. This book was chosen for the Booker equivalent, the International Prize for Arabic Fiction for its sheer originality and the depiction of the political volatility in the Middle-East. We look forward to more literary works by Ahmed Saadawi. 

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