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Will e-books change the way we read / Write?

Post by: Sonam Kapoor


Technology has always given us proud moments that have turned our lives around many pivot points. And the advent of ebooks has been one such turning point in the lives of avid readers/writers.



Duplication and storing data is a lot easier than ever. The ability to hoard gigabytes of information (books) has brought around the ability to store and reflect upon every book you’d have ever read – as a child, as a teenager, as a college student, as an adult!
Searching for any kind of data or word or a book for that matter would be done in a matter of microseconds.

Considering that digital book readers would read only digital books (of a certain format), the sales of ebooks has and will continue to see an uprising (in sales) like never before.

There will no longer be a time lag faced by avid readers to procure a book they hear about in a conversation or read about it in a newspaper or magazine.

But the keyword here is: attention! Would we be able to pay as much attention to the book if another one pops up the next minute?
Also, with hypertexts and hyperlinks on most pages, will you ever be able to remain faithful to the text of the book you are reading?

Rightly pointed out by someone, a hard copy, in contrast, works naturally against such distractions; it compels you to follow the thread, to stay engaged with a single narrative or argument.
If we are willing to sacrifice the experience of immersing oneself or transporting oneself in to the world of a book, the digital readers and the digital books are amongst the next best things!
Read a bit here, a bit there…and you’re done!


Never a dull moment
With the ease of reading ebooks at free will, whenever, wherever there is definitely no dull moment in life.
Add to it the live tweets or putting updates about what you’ve just read, right at that instant, gives you a thrill and experience of an utterly new level.
And with instant replies from people online, it’s like having a live conversation or discussion about the book. Something that wasn’t provided by paperback books, unless you are a part of a book club or book discussion gangs. Yes, you will not read alone anymore!

I read this statement recently and I agree to every word herein: “Reading books will go from being a fundamentally private activity -- a direct exchange between author and reader -- to a community event, with every isolated paragraph the launching pad for a conversation with strangers around the world.”


Pay as you read
I noticed that certain short story collections allowed users to pay for per story that they wanted to read. That also gives the reader a choice to select stories or chapters that interest him/her and get them on the digital reader at a meager cost.

The move from ink to pixels seems to have revolutionized the way we look at books and the pleasure they bring. Procuring books definitely has gotten easier.  Books are now available at our fingertips, connected us to more authors and readers, and have helped publishers sell more books, BUT would we recognize the original copy if someday technology dies out on us?



Till that happens, let us enjoy the humongous possibilities that digital books have presented to us.

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