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Why romances don't appeal

Post by: Guddu

Despite a college romance being released every other day, love stories today have very few takers. And this is completely justified because these stories don’t have any depth – no pain, no longing, no determination, no romance, no feeling at all. The lovers are not committed; are not passionate for each other the way lovers of a romantic flick were known to. Love stories were known to motivate people, to win their love. But the stuff being churned out now, is nothing but a big bore. Here are a few modern romances:



  • Of Course I Love You!: Till I Find Someone Better by Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja. Debashish Roy, the protagonist sleeps and loves many a women till he finds Avantika, who cheats on him. And after the pyar main dhoka, Debashish Roy’s life nose-dives to see a drop in his grades and chances of securing a good placement. Where is the love, sacrifice, longing in this book? It is getting back what you have done to so many others.


  • Jab Se You Have Loved Me by S. R. Saha is the story of Atin, a first class IIT graduate who sells cheap Chinese gadgets for a living falls in love with Ujani, a first class Bio-Sciences graduate from Calcutta University, who gets the job of an airhostess. His friends - a Chartered Accountant working as a stock broker, a graduate employed as a shopkeeper, a job-less PH.D - are all struggling with their lives. Again no love but only struggle in the lives of the love birds and their friends. Not interested, boss! 


  • A Dilli-Mumbai Love Story by Abhimanyu Jha is another let down in the name of young romance. Aniruddh, a Ducati riding, economics loving dude studying in St. Stephen's meets Apu, a girl from Goa, who loves street food and super long earrings. The two are a complete antithesis in a lot of ways, but here opposites attract and the cupid strikes only till the lovers witness the terror attack. Authors please come up with fresh ideas. This has already been done to death.


I sincerely request people aiming to be authors to not compromise on the subject while writing.  Just churning out the same story by naming characters differently will not help. To write a love story – one should cover all the facets of love – wooing, dating, misunderstanding, winning back all done in a way that it keeps the reader clued in. Presenting this substandard stuff in the name of romance is just not done.



Wake up guys… please grow up before we stop giving new authors one last chance.

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