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Remembering Richard G. Stern

Post by: Kabita Sonowal






“I was a has-been before I’d been a been.”


Richard G. Stern


Richard G. Stern was a writer who was more popular among writers than he was among readers. A reviewer had once referred to him as – ‘the best American author of whom you have never heard’. He authored Golk, Europe or Up and Down with Baggish and Schreiber, In any Case, Stitch, Other Men's Daughters, Natural Shocks, A Father's Words and Pacific Tremors. Born in 1928, he was a witness to several literary movements. In 1958, he was supposed to have been involved in the “suppression” of the "beat edition" of the Chicago Review while he was teaching at the University of Chicago. He taught Creative Writing for 46 years at the University of Chicago.


Stern died on January 24, 2013. David Bevington, a professor from the University of California remembered him as, “You had to be a pretty skillful writer to be in his classes. They were mainly the serious pursuit of writing fiction. Students would say he's a very knowledgeable but exacting teacher.”

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