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How to speed read

Post by: Deepti Khanna

In today’s day and age we are all bombarded with information. Be it the Internet, emails, morning newspapers, novels and reference books there is a lot of reading we are expected to do on a daily basis. Due to this surge of information, we just cannot afford to read slowly because loss of time means loss of information. Loss of information further translates to ranking below your peers.

In order to help you win this crucial race we shall share with you a few habits that will help you read faster and effectively.

Stop seeing each word as a distinct unit

Schools tutor children to read one word at a time. But when you are required to read lot of text, reading words collectively is an effective process as this helps you read fast without compromising on understanding the meaning. In fact, research suggests that people who read each word as a distinct unit comprehend less than those who read faster by clubbing words together.

Tip: Speed reading involves reading blocks of words at one time and comprehending the meaning of the word group. You can increase your capacity of reading groups of words by holding the text a little further from your eyes.

Pronouncing each word in your mind

Sub-vocalization or the habit of pronouncing the text word by word in your mind while you read slows the speed of reading to a great extent. This is because when you sub-vocalize you hear the sound of the word being spoken in your mind. The process of seeing, pronouncing and then deciphering eats out so much more time than is necessary to comprehend the meaning behind the text. Research suggests that by sub-vocalization you read a maximum of 250-350 words per minute. But by stopping sub-vocalization you can read up to 400 and 500 words per minute.

Tip: While speed reading it is important to turn off the voice of what you read. This is not easy and calls for lot of practice.

Utilizing the potential of your eye

Human eye can scan somewhere about 1.5 inches at a time (four or five words). But in order to speed read you should prepare yourself to use your peripheral vision to see words beyond the stipulated four to five words at a time.

Tip: Soften and expand your gaze while reading. Always let your peripheral vision take over to see the last set of words. This way you can quickly scan across and down to the next line.

Avoid regressing

For speed reading it is necessary to simply avoid re-reading of the material. Many-a-times people liberally skip words to speed up the process of reading and then realize that the text does not make sense to them anymore. So reading back and forth is what they do and this leads top taking more of their time than reading the text word by word.

Tip: Be very choosy of regressing and do not allow yourself the luxury of reading material. You could use a pointer (pen, pencil or finger) to guide your speed of reading. And the faster you move your pointer the more information you shall gain in the limit.

So just keep these tips in mind and you are bound to read more without compromising on the effectiveness of putting the text to use.

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