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How to set up a library at home

Post by: Deepti Khanna

Having a family of voracious readers is an absolute blessing. And setting up a library at home not only makes better readers, but it can help develop interest of family members in a completely different genre of books. So here are a series of blog posts that will help you build a personal library that you would be proud to own.

To begin with you just need not fret about developing a library. A home library is simple to develop, does not involve too much expenditure and provides for a way of organizing your ever-increasing book and magazine collection. In fact, with a book library you could invest as much time and as much money as you will. There is no hard and fast rule and you need not invest big time initially. You can slowly pump in time and money into having a book library.

One library or many mini-libraries?
The best time to have a home library done is when you are building or renovating your home. In that case you could have an in-built shelf or make it a very integral part of your home décor. Again you should take a call as to whether you would like to have your books complete in one room, or do it in the style of a mini-library around different spots in the house. But a word of caution: with a book library comes good lighting. Ensure all the spaces you plan to have mini-libraries in has adequate lighting.

Libraries can be portable too!
If you are of the types who would enjoy the company of books anywhere and everywhere, you can opt for an inexpensive portable shelf (refer to the image on the right) or a cane rack that looks aesthetic and is inexpensive. Such portable shelves also can accommodate a host of books. if you are of the type to take one step at a time then you could start with a small library of just three or five shelves and build upon it. Of course, if you have the moolah, you can easily invest in a custom hand-made wall unit to stand independently or to be installed as a permanent fixture in your home. Also, if you have an old wardrobe that you do not use, you can convert it to make a handsome book cupboard that will allow you to keep the room looking neat and tidy.

Coming next in the series is advantages of a well-stocked library at home, how to collect books for your library and 10-must haves in your personal library.

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