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How to appreciate a book better? (Part 1)

Post by: Deepti Khanna

Starting this week we would be posting a series of blogs on how readers could appreciate a book better. Every week we shall pick out two of these parameters and talk to you a little about them. These pointers are sure to tell you that along with the story there is a lot you can read and enjoy in a book. For instance, the character sketches, sub plots, writing style, tempo, vocabulary / choice of words, background, autobiographical references etc. too speaks volumes about the writer and his written material. Read on to enjoy the next book in a completely different light

Writing style:

Writing style is something that is unique to every writer. Some authors are descriptive, some have a slow pace, some write crisp, fast paced, engaging text. Broadly Thomas Hardy, Salman Rushdie, Jane Austen and other classic writers are all known for writing high brow literature – something that is slightly heavy to digest, full of descriptions and a treatment where readers can enjoy every twist and turn slowly as it comes their way. However, authors like Ashwin Sanghi, Chetan Bhagat write fast-paced, easy to read, for-the-masses kind of novels that are meant to be read in not more than two-three sittings. We can say their books can be picked up on a weekend. Then there a quite a few writers who fall in between - Arundhati Roy, George Orwell and Anita Desai are some popular examples.

Character sketch:
Every author carefully carves out characters in a novel. With descriptions of physical attributes to emotional state of mind to the person’s nature and how/she reacts to the character’s fate, everything is penned by the author. So reading a little into how a character is shaped is interesting.  For instance Fransesca Johnson in The Bridges of Madison County – the lovable, forty something mother who prefers duty over true love; or Lord Darlington in The Remains of the Day – the extremely polished, well-mannered Lord who could have entertained the Nazis are some of the most endearing, well-built characters we have come across.

Watch this space next week to know about two other pointers that will help you enjoy a book review differently


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Ekomena Akpobome
I appreciate this write up because it reminds me of my school days
Mon,Jan 6th 2014 10:08 AM
This is a good information for me because I am the prose lecturer.
Fri,Oct 19th 2012 6:17 AM