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How Shakespeare still Rocks the world of English Books and Compositions

Post by: Sudipto Ghosh

English literature has come a long way, since William Shakespeare inked his last playwright. The world still remains fascinated with the kind of phrase he implemented in his compositions and the new words he coined to push his screenplay to a duality of ‘thoughts’. Digging into Shakespeare’s magical world of magnificent simplicity, here’s why he still continues to rule the heart of millions of English readers.


Word Bank


Well, no writer is even close to the frenzy list of words that William Shakespeare coined in his lifetime. The intention was to merely make his playwright a comical satire and not necessarily a poetic one. Things changed with his maturity as a writer, when he coined as many as 20,000 words. They alone form 10 percent of the accepted vocabulary in the English Dictionary. From romance to angst, frustration to passion, he coined words that still make up the letters from a lunatic lover or a disciplined son. Words like Assassination, Bedazzled, Cold-blooded, Manager, Swagger and Critic wooed many theatre artists and they made it a part of their daily lingo, which we follow till today.

His work alone inspired many other writers to build more ‘blockbuster’ words and add to the English vocabulary.

His theatrics inspired murder

Not many know the inspiration behind Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. John Wilkes Booth was a theatre artist of ‘par excellence’. He personified the character of Marc Anthony from the play Julius Caesar. His brothers sided along side with him to enact the roles of Brutus and Cassius. What happened in the theatre was strikingly similar to the events leading to the murder of the American President on April 14, 1865.


Ideas to name people

Shakespeare’s characters have continued to awe many parents, who are driven to name their kids in a bid to showcase their love for the bard. Names like Simpson, Biel, Cato,Dennis, Dull, Frontibras and Jessica are all parts of his nomenclature, adapted by him. He usually clubbed two words and made it into a personal name. An anecdote states that the name ‘Lennox’ from his play ‘Macbeth’ actually derived from an ox, his landlord owned. Same with names like Shylock, Rugby and Titus.


The thought of First romance

No love story is complete if you have not spent a few nights in desperation looking at the moon fro your true love. Well, very couple madly in love is compared to a Juliet and her Romeo. Credit goes to William Shakespeare for portraying the compassion the lovers have in their heart, for which the family pays a price. His idea of joyful love and romance Is impressive.


Lovable feminism

Shakespeare ensured that his female protagonists and supporting characters were delicately sweet and fervently ambitious in their quest for love, respect and fame. The crudeness of Hermia brushes off like a breezy treat. The impression of Desdemona is blissful and authentic. When it comes to love and honor, no character can match the ostentation of Ford’s Penthea from The Broken Heart. Off all characters, that bear a feminine touch, Rosalind is desperately the most conflicting one in her approach, beating even the likes of Juliet and Chimene in Le Cid.

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