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Health in your books (Part 4)

Post by: Deepti Khanna

In the last few weeks we spoke to you about how books on healthy eating, fitness regimes and mental wellbeing are the talk of the town and have become a part of everyone’s book shelf. Be it recipes to deal with acidity or fitness programmes to suit a particular body type, or books that teach you how to feel good, there are quite a few lessons you can learn from them. This week we shall take a closer look at the pregnancy-related health books that were released recently

Pregnancy: The Complete Childbirth Book by Nutan Pandit

In this book, Nutan Pandit, a well-known pregnancy expert who has been taking natural childbirth classes from 1978 both in India and abroad answers all that you want to know about weight gain, proper diet, exercise, breathing patterns and positions to adopt during labour. Along with the prenatal care the book offers valuable tips on postnatal care of both the mother and the baby. The USP of the book is that it makes use of both scientific and invaluable time-tested home remedies to solve pregnancy issues.

Dr. Spocks Pregnancy Guide: Take Charge Parenting Guides
by Marjorie Greenfield

This guide tells prospective mothers all they need to know about pregnancy, including: choosing the doctor; foetal development; a woman's changing body; common problems; childbirth options and getting good care, every step of the way. Noted obstetrician Marjorie Greenfield, M.D., one of the new team of medical experts at The Dr. Spock Company, has written this book to answer all your questions to make your pregnancy happy and hassle free. This book allows you to: follow the development of your fast growing baby, find the right obstetrician or midwife for a safe delivery, deal with common symptoms and problems that plague most expectant mothers, plan and prepare for the kind of childbirth you want in advance

Pregnancy Made Comfortable With Yoga & Dietetics
by  Nishtha Saraswat

This book by Nishtha Saraswat deals with pregnancy related woes with the help of yoga and dietetics. A combination of yoga asanas, meditation and special menu has been recommended keeping in mind the needs of Indian women. The book has been divided into various sections and has made use of pictures, tables, illustrations and testimonials to make it an easy read. The book aims at becoming a reference guide during the journey right from planning the baby to getting back in a good shape post delivery.

Spiritual Pregnancy (Inner Wisdom To Nourish And Nurture Your Child) by Gopika Kapoor

Gopika Kapoor shares with you the learning from her own journey as a mother of twins and the spiritual insights that guided her through this life-changing phase of life. Her pragmatic and reassuring voice not only tells you how to deal with unplanned pregnancies, crazy hormones, bossy relatives and tired sex lives, but also offers great advice on baby showers, alternative birthing methods, and how to stay positive through it all.

Passport To A Healthy Pregnancy
by Gita Arjun

Dr Gita Arjun, an eminent obstetrician and gynecologist who has been practising in Chennai for more than 25 years and is currently the Director and Obstetrician and Gynecologist at E V Kalyani Medical Centre, Chennai demystifies pregnancy and expels the many myths that surround it. This book essentially concentrates on the physical and emotional needs of both mother and child - with an entire chapter dedicated to the modern would-be father and how he could be of help. Abundantly illustrated, with tips for the entire family, Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy, is an encyclopedia that will engage and inform people how they could do the best for their unborn child.

A Guy's Guide To Pregnancy by Frank Mungeam

This book aims to explain the changes that happen to a partner and the relationship during pregnancy. It is a must-read for all dads-to-be to know what they can do to help their partner, know what is happening in the partner’s body and how they too can be closely clued into the child making process. The best part about this book is that it uses a very humorous yet insightful approach to talk about a relatively serious topic.

Your Pregnancy Week By Week by Glade B. Curtis, Judith Schuler

With over 70 topics covered, and completely updated information, new products, and safety recommendations, this comprehensive guide includes: detailed descriptions of baby's developmental weekly milestones, illustrations of how both mother and baby are changing and growing. This book concentrates a great deal on tips on nutrition and lifestyle and the ways you could connect with the unborn child.

High Risk Pregnancy
by David K. James, Philip J. Steer, Carl P. Weiner, Bernard Gonik

This book examines a full-range of high-risk pregnancy problems and offers advice from noted experts and treatment choices—to prepare you for the clinical challenges that you may encounter. The book also makes use of consistent organization and at-a-glance tables for fast and easy reference that make it easy to read up info from the book.

Watch this space next week for health related books that claim to eliminate stress from your lives.  

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