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Happy Birthday Tintin

Post by: Kabita Sonowal



Tintin, the delightful, intelligent and beguiling investigative reporter, a character by Georges Prosper Remi or Herge turns 84 today. Tintin was born on January 10 in 1929 and is the protagonist of the Tintin series. This is a tribute to him for delighting the world with his adventures and educating us with his imagination. He is versatile. He is imaginative, multi-lingual and well-read, yet absent-minded at times. He is a swimmer, a mountaineer and a yoga-enthusiast. He drives several types of automobiles, rides horses and bikes, and flies aeroplanes and helicopters.


Over more than half a century, there is no mention of Tintin’s family or a surname; readers have no clue whether Tintin is his first name or surname. We can only assume that he is Belgian although most references describe him as European. He has a knack for danger, mystery and trouble. He is known and admired for his gracious and forgiving side of nature. He is a pacifist which is evident in Tintin and the Picaros. Although all the books from this series are popular; some of these books are Destination Moon, Tintin in America, The Secret of the Unicorn, Prisoners of the Sun, The Seven Crystal Balls and Tintin in Tibet.


Happy birthday and cheers! Thank you for enthralling our worlds and showing us how to imagine and articulate.

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