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Children's books - loved by adults too!

Post by: Deepti Khanna

Good children’s books have wooed many adults. The story, well-etched characters, marvelous imagination have compelled many individuals to stack their classics and chick-lit right at the bottom and pick up the rich collection by revered authors like Anant Pai, RK Narayan, JK Rowling, Christopher Paolini and Ruskin Bond.

Interestingly Dr Louise Joy, a Cambridge University academic, had reasoned that traditional children's tales are popular among older readers since they offer adults with the fun quotient they find missing in their lives. She stated: Books such as Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Roald Dahl's James offer a world where self-consciousness is overthrown and relationships are simple and straightforward.

Here is why children’s books are not only for children.

Interesting storyline

A good children’s book is entertaining. For instance, the book Swami and Friendsby RK Narayan is a simple talk of how Swami starts his cricket club and how things do not remain all fun for him as he ends up getting expelled from school. This plot has a well defined beginning, middle and end with characters that are engaging and realistic. The story is fun and emotional at the same time. Pigs by Robert Munsch is also another delightful tale of an American girl who opens a pig pen.

Quality writing

Just because children are not great with their language skills, most children’s authors know that good writing is an integral part of book writing. And even though here we are talking of children’s book the book can carry a message without losing on the entertainment quotient. Animal Farm by George Orwell is one such delightful read. Also books by Eva Ibbotson such as Journey to the River Sea and The Star of Kazan are must-reads. The writer has very thoughtfully coupled rich, atmospheric writing with a rollicking plot.

Not being preachy

Most children’s authors are of the opinion that we need to respect young readers and we should let them make up their own minds about issues. Writers here present a positive viewpoint without resorting to hammering an idea or brainwashing.

Catering to the audience’s tastes

This pertains to subject matter, telling and presentation. A good children’s book is not limited to only kids or adults and interests both. The mythological collections by Anant Pai or the short stories like Blue Umbrella, The Parrot Who Wouldn't Talk And Other Stories and Crazy Times With Uncle Ken by Ruskin Bond are simply superb when it comes to gauging what the audience want and what the audience will devour.

So the next time you think of reading a children’s book in front of others be happy to do so since people would certainly appreciate your taste.


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