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Best Download free eBooks in Category of Body and Mind 2011-12

Post by: Snehith Kumbla

The BookChums eBooks section is very popular among the visitors of the site. Several free ebooks have been downloaded or read by countless readers. We chronicle here the most popular and the most downloaded among these books. The section that we are looking at here is Body and Mind.


The most downloaded book in this category has been The Body Language Rules by Judi James. The book teaches innocent human beings like us to identify tell-tale signs. For instance, if a person has their feet pointed towards you while having a conversation, they are interested in you. Hands folded across the chest may imply a defensive pose or disagreement. Women running their hands repeatedly through their hair may indicate that they like it with you. Several such signals and hints are decoded in this book. No wonder, it has been downloaded 2878 times.

Lose Weight, Live Healthy by Joyce D. Nash tackles the now common urban problem of obesity and its various health complications. The book suggests the latest techniques and strategies one could develop to win the fight against that old enemy – the pot belly. Stress management, exercise and the benefits of consuming the right nutrients are also discussed here. This eBook has now been downloaded almost 1159 times at the time of writing.

In this age of instant communication and the growth of careers where understanding is the key, it becomes essential to identify human traits and behavior. As someone has said, knowledge is power. If you are seeking guidance in identifying their behavior types, look no further for we have an eBook that will solve all your problems. How to Analyze People on Sight: The Five Human Types by Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict is the book that you are looking for. We have had 727 downloads of this self-help book until now.

Rising cholesterol levels is certainly a common urban concern now, and no wonder we have found many takers to the eBook that offers relief and the promise of better vitality through the book How To Lower Your Cholesterol. The book has seen an astounding 345 downloads since it was put up on the site.
So ends the list of the most downloaded books in the category of ‘Body and Mind’.                    

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