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Ask Kabita # 66

Post by: Kabita


Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves despite the summer heat. I have been cribbing about the heat pretty much as I can't seem to be too outdoorsy for my own good these days. Here are the questions and answers for this week:

Q 1: Please suggest some cool poetry collections to beat the heat right now. Thanks. Renuka Sahai, Pune

Answer: Thank you for writing, Renuka. You can try Charles Bukowski's collections including It Catches My Heart in Its Hands, At Terror Street and Agony Way, Scarlet, Love is a Dog from Hell, and War all the Time. You can also try Jack Kerouac's poems like Bus East, 10th Chorus Mexico City Blues, 1st Chorus Mexico City Blues, and Bowery Blues.

Q 2: Please tell me of some latest works of fiction that I can pick up for my upcoming holiday. Thanks, Nidhi, Bangalore

Answer: You can try The One and Only by Emily Giffin and Cutting Teeth by Julia Fierro. Enjoy.

That's all for now, folks. Keep reading and do write to me at Cheers


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