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Ask Kabita # 62: Our Book Recommendation Expert

Post by: Kabita Sonowal


Summer is here and it feels like as if it were already at its peak. While it gets unbearable to venture out in the afternoons, one cannot afford to be very outdoorsy. Apart from burning the midnight oil, have you guys been reading? Here are the two questions and answers of the week:

Q 1: I need some love poetry to read during my break. Please tell me what to read. Amrita Naik, Pune

Ans: Amrita, Thank you for writing. Please check Edwin Morgan's poems like Strawberries, Absence and One Cigarette. Or you can also try Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poetry.

Q 2: Please tell me of some book titles of Indian cookbooks on healthy cooking. Thank you. Madhurima, Pune.

Ans: Please try Low Cholestrol Recipes, Health Heart Cookbook and The Delights of Vegetarian Cooking by Tarla Dalal

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