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Ask Kabita #22: Our Book Recommendation Expert

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Hope you folks have been enjoying yourselves. Here are the questions and answers for this week. Keep writing.


I’m looking for some war poems. Do you have any poet in mind whose writings I can go through? – Manik Singh, Chandigarh

Please look for Wilfred Owen’s poetry. He wrote during the First World War. He wrote about the horrors and futility of war. Some of his poems such as I Saw His Round Mouth's Crimson, 1914, A New Heaven, At a Calvary near the Ancre and Anthem for Doomed Youth among others are truly remarkable. Do check these out.



I’m looking for some psychological thrillers that I can read during my vacation. Please recommend. – Nidhi G, Mysore

You can read Colin McAdam’s novel Fall or Ruth Rendell’s novels such as The Bridesmaid, Adam and Eve and Pinch Me, Talking to Strange Men and The Rottweiler among others.



Please suggest an anthology title of train stories for my twelve year old son. Thank you. – Rukmini, Shimla

Rukmini, you can look for The Young Oxford Book of Train Stories by Dennis Hamley. Dennis Hampley has compiled several train stories written by several writers. These stories are easy to read and adventure-packed.



Thank you for writing, folks.  Adios for now. Look forward to your email at

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