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Ask Kabita #20: Our Book Recommendation Expert

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Agatha Christie,Appointment with Death,The Pale Horse,The Murder of Roger Ackroyd,The Hollow,Dead Famous series,Alan MacDonald,Margaret Simpson,Kjartan Poskitt,Satyajit Ray,Carrie,Stephen King,Ghost Stories from the Raj,Season of Ghosts,Ruskin Bond






Thank you for writing, folks. This week, we feature some really interesting questions and answers. Do write.

Please choose a book for me in the crime genre that is without too much of gore. Thanks. – Vinitha S, Bangalore

Hey, you could read Agatha Christie’s Appointment with Death, The Pale Horse, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and The Hollow among other books. These are simply marvelous.



I need to gift some really fun books on famous personalities to my twelve-year old nephew. Can you help? - Lalit Srivastava, Lucknow

That’s an interesting one. You can check the Dead Famous series out. Isaac Newton and His Apple by Kjartan Poskitt, Winston Churchill and his Great Wars by Alan MacDonald; and Mary Queen of Scots and Her Hopeless Husbands by Margaret Simpson among other books have great narration and vivid illustrations.



I’ll be on a 24 hour train journey. Please suggest some nice reads. - Ranjan, Shillong

Indigo: Selected Stories by Satyajit Ray, Carrie by Stephen King; and Ghost Stories from the Raj and Season of Ghosts by Ruskin Bond are options that you might want to try. Happy reading.



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