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Ask Kabita #17: Our Book Recommendation Expert

Post by: Kabita Sonowal






Thank you for the queries and as always, I look forward to your questions.


I’m looking for some racy short stories and novels. Thrillers will do. Thanks. - Govind Saraogi, Jaipur

Thank you for writing. You can try Jeffrey Archer’s works such as A Prisoner of Birth, A Quiver full of Arrows, As the Crow Flies and Honour among Thieves. Or you could also take a look at some of Lee Child’s novels such as A Wanted Man, The Affair, Bad Luck and Trouble and Without Fail among other books. Hope this helps.


Please suggest some books based on historical fiction. Thank you. - Mrinalini Singh, Gurgaon

Mrinalini, you can check Ken Follett’s novels out such as The Man from St. Petersburg, Lie Down with Lions, A Place called Freedom, Jackdaws, Hornet Flight and On Wings of Eagles. You can also try The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory and the Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier.


I want to read some fun and witty books in the lines or similar to that of PG Wodehouse’s language. Can you please suggest? Thank you. - Akshata, Ajmer

Thank you for writing, Akshata. It is an amazing query. Please read Alexander McCall Smith’s novels on Edinburgh such as The Sunday Philosophy Club Series and 44 Scotland Street Series; or, the Corduroy Mansions series based on London. Hope you have a fun read.


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