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Advantages of a well-stocked home library

Post by: Deepti Khanna

Last week we told you how you could go ahead and build your own enviable personal library. This week we shall take the series on personal libraries ahead and share the positives of having a personal library in your home.

Kids more likely to pick up ‘other’ books

If you have a reasonably large collection of books at home, kids and other members of your family will be exposed to newer authors, genres and styles of writing. And if there is a reading culture at home it will help people pick up books belonging to diverse settings, eras and techniques. Also they are more likely to choose books addressing different issues. For instance, a young adult who only devours say a college romance can be exposed to comic fantasy and steam punk or even poetry.  

More chances of rereading a book

Chances of rereading or in other words revisiting what you just read are higher if you own the book and if the book is well within reach. So chances of pulling out a motivational book from your personal library when you are feeling low are higher when the books are just stacked and kept away in your cupboard.

Also some people are in the habit of marking important lines, writing foot notes especially beside their reads so that they can glance at what they picked up from the book. This is a great practice and truly ensures that you make the most of what you have read and pick up books from your personal collection.

Discussing with friends

Once your kids get into the groove you could have a monthly book reading and eventually kids will follow suit. If you have good books at home they will be exposed to newer names, authors, genres, lessons all encouraging them to go beyond their cocoons. 

Treasuring books

If you keep your library well, kids too will learn to treasure books and keep them well organized. They will eventually learn valuable lessons from the books they read and will learn to love their books too.

You too have a personal library? Feel free to share the advantages / disadvantages of owning it. We are all ears...

Coming next in the series, how to collect books for your library.

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