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Free eBooks- A debate on their accuracy and reliability

Post by: Sudipto Ghosh

With the rapid evolution of the digital platform, printed books, novels and magazines seem to be trying their best to keep in line with the growing demand of business and commercial explosion. Fear of annihilation and obsolence is driving book publishers to project their reach with the concept of offering free ebooks for reading and downloading. When people think of free, the first question that comes to their mind is related to the Q-factor. Not Quantity, but ‘

Quality’. Even if it means pushing the book in a free downloadable format, people do have their reservations in choosing the particular item, no matter how badly they need it. To make a successful foray into the business of free ebook development, quality content with accurate content is the key.


There have been numerous contradictions and debate on whether to choose a free ebook or stick to ‘pay and read’ option. Subscription for both depend on the kind of information you are seeking. Sticking to free ebook options helps the business grow to magnanimous proportions as you can reach out to greater marketing scale and still remain viable with the customer base. Business groups who handle free ebooks look for greener pastures and ready made resources, that can help push the sales figures, and earn a progressive return from advertisements. The category of free ebooks is one of the most innovative Internet marketing characteristics.



Traditionally, the concept of buying an item, as valuable as the book, reflects the accountability placed on the information published in it. You pay and you spring the information and the pleasure of reading. Free ebooks is a breeding ground for new writers who are willing to test the waters before going big with the sales and marketing. Many writers are putting their work for sale in free eBook mode, who are aligned with a marketing strategy to build a continuous response from their audiences, and keep the sales on the rise. This is the exact reason why critics find it hard to understand the success of free ebook service providers.



The most conspicuous distinction between eBooks and free eBooks is the amount of information available with the site. Legitimacy will be an issue as authors often make it  point to withdraw their responses or comments when they are available on free Ebooks portal.  To get the author’s review is the best way to recognize the health of the free eBooks and the site offering the services. For business groups that offer genuinely good reading options, free eBooks are advertised and marketed with a more polished management, design, using accurate information that can be inferred highlighting the level of expertise and research on the particular topics. Building an elite, respectable list of authors and their works is vital to the prosperity of sites that provide free eBooks.



If you are planning to use the platform of accurate information to make it big in the field of marketing and sales, the prime focus should be laced on the free eBooks services. It will definitely prove to be an effective Return on Investment, with legitimate knowledge sharing and library management.


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