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About BookChums!

The world is increasingly using technology in all walks of life. The internet has redefined the way people interact and do business in daily life. It is a huge Pandora of knowledge which is available at fingertips for whoever wishes to partake in it. India, the second most populated country in the world, has a huge chunk of literate and internet savvy youth population. Also, being an emerging economy, the youth and children are yearning for knowledge gaining and sharing. India has an estimated 600 million mobile phone users and 80 percent of the internet usage is done by its youngistan. BookChums has been initiated Sanjay Puri, a technology entrepreneur, who believes that the venture will play a role in empowering Indians with knowledge especially in the rural and remote areas who have access to a mobile phone but not to libraries or bookstores. He always vouches for the fact that businesses can and should be socially responsible. Using technology for promoting reading, BookChums, is an ebook repository aimed is aimed at promoting education and reading habits in India through the digital medium. BookChums is the largest free ebooks site with over 50,000 titles. It promotes sharing ebooks among members through virtual ebook sharing and featuring authors as well. This site provides a platform for book lovers to create and participate in book clubs online. The website focuses on the requirements of people passionate about books and engages them in the world of books through features like book reviews, blogs, forums, book trades and club events. . 

Founder - Sanjay Puri.

Sanjay Puri is an entrepreneur, political activist and technology evangelist, based in the United States. He is proud of his Indian roots and feels privileged to make US his home and strives to contribute to both. In 1994, Mr Puri received a grant from National Institute of Health to develop a system using artificial intelligence techniques to diagnose patients with Alzheimer's disease; which was the beginning of Optimos, a highly successful technology solutions company. Mr Puri has an MBA in Finance & Investments from George Washington University. He recently exited Optimos and is now engaged in newer technology domains such as ioT, smart cities and e-governance for Governments. Apart from his business and technology endeavors, Sanjay Puri is a engaged in social and political activities. He is a recognized authority on US-India relations and serves as Chairman, USINPAC. Founded in 2002, The US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) is a bipartisan nonprofit organization that works on issues and policies of concern to the Indian American community and is the driving force for its 3.2 million members in the United States. It also provides bipartisan support to candidates for federal, state, and local offices who support the issues that are important to the Indian American community Mr. Puri is also the founder, President and CEO of the Alliance for US India Business (AUSIB). AUSIB is dedicated to strengthening economic ties between the US and India. Through his leadership at AUSIB, he formed a US Congressional Taskforce on US-India Investment and Trade Relations. Under his leadership, AUSIB has led over 25 delegations of business, political and higher education leaders to India. He has also hosted two of the largest US India education conclaves in 2011 and 2013 which were attended by over 100 education and policy leaders from the US and over 1,000 education and policy leaders from India. Recently, Mr. Puri organized key political and corporate meetings for PM Narendra Modi's US visit. Mr. Puri is a frequent public speaker and expert witness on US-India relations and the political impact of the Indian-American community. He has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Times, on National Public Radio (NPR), the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), CNN and Nightline.